Unique cachepots, hydroformed of high-quality stainless steel. Available in large sizes, perfect for outdoor, easy-to-care, and totally resistant to corrosion and time effect.

The "Spheric Cachepots" Collection | 2020

A line of simple and perfectly shaped stainless steel cachepots, intended to complete a plants’
composition with an extraordinary accent. Several covering options for each product are provided.
Created by the Ukrainian designer, Alexandra Vedeneyeva.


The key to high quality low volume production is all about using the right technology to streamline the manufacturing process, eliminate manual labor and to minimize customer price.

We use hydroforming to create the sculptures: it allows producing simple or complex spherical shapes of any size and configuration, that are strong, light, and solid. Together with the professional experience of our engineers, the technology expands the boundaries for creativity and allows to create any required shape keeping its price optimal.

First, the shape blank is welded from sheet stainless steel which thickness depends on the object’s size. Then water is injected inside it at very high pressure which causes it to expand. After forming is done, the object is polished to gain its perfect final look.

All our products are made from high-quality stainless steel that is easy-to-care and totally resistant to corrosion and time effect. It also allows the surface to be perfectly polished which turns a sculpture into a real masterpiece.

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The blank is welded from sheet stainless steel

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The shape is hydroformed
and polished